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OIPA extracts all published IATI XML files from the IATI Registry and makes them available in a normalised PostgreSQL database, that you can access using a RESTful API.

IATI is a global aid transparency standard and it makes information about aid spending easier to access, re-use and understand the underlying data using a unified open standard. You can find more about the IATI XML standard at: www.iatistandard.org


Documentation on installing, running and using OIPA can be found at docs.oipa.nl

Quick start

  1. Install Vagrant
  2. Goto your OIPA folder
  3. Run vagrant up
  4. Find your way into the machine: vagrant ssh
  5. Start the server: ./manage.py runserver (should you get an error, set different ports in your OIPA vagrantfile)
  6. Start the process control centre (supervisor): ./manage.py supervisor
  7. Open your browser at localhost:8000 (or the port set in your OIPA vagrantfile)
  8. Follow instructions for sign-in: http://docs.oipa.nl/en/latest/admin_interface/
  9. Finally, follow the instructions from here: http://docs.oipa.nl/en/latest/where_to_start/ Happy Hunting!

For more detailed information, see the install documentation

About the project

Can I contribute?

Yes please! We are mainly looking for coders to help on the project. If you are a coder feel free to Fork the repository and send us Pull requests!

Running the tests

To run the tests, log into the vagrant machine and run:

./manage.py test --nomigrations --settings=OIPA.test_settings

Who makes use of OIPA?