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OIPA extracts all published IATI XML files from the IATI Registry and makes them available in a normalised PostgreSQL database, that you can access using a RESTful API.

IATI is a global aid transparency standard and it makes information about aid spending easier to access, re-use and understand the underlying data using a unified open standard. You can find more about the IATI XML standard at: www.iatistandard.org


Documentation on installing, running and using OIPA can be found at docs.oipa.nl

Quick start

  1. Install Vagrant
  2. Run vagrant up
  3. Find your way into the machine: vagrant ssh
  4. Start the server: ./manage.py runserver
  5. Start the process control centre (supervisor): ./manage.py supervisor
  6. Open your browser at localhost:8000

For more detailed information, see the install documentation

About the project

Can I contribute?

Yes please! We are mainly looking for coders to help on the project. If you are a coder feel free to Fork the repository and send us Pull requests!

Running the tests

To run the tests, log into the vagrant machine and run:

./manage.py test --nomigrations --settings=OIPA.test_settings

Who makes use of OIPA?